How does a Professional Website help my a Law Firm?

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How does a Professional Website help my a Law Firm?

All law firms in the 21st century need to have an online presence in some way. While some might be active on every platform, pushing their services through social media and more, one key factor that every law firm must have is a website.

The right professional website will always aid a law firm in gaining clients and cases. More Business Agency explores the importance of a professional website for today’s law firms.

First Impression

In the past, potential clients would have once just made an appointment at your office. They would then come in and speak to an attorney or a partner about their case. However, this is no longer what happens unless they already have a long-established partnership with the firm. Instead, you will often find that many prospective clients will instead head to the company website to learn a bit more about the firm before they make that initial appointment.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the website as the initial first impression that the firm gives off. After all, the firm will have some form of brand and reputation. This needs to be clearly displayed here on the website, so any prospective customer knows what to expect if they choose to take their business to you.

The lawyer website needs to be professional, easy to navigate, and mobile-optimized as a bare minimum. By taking the time to improve the infrastructure and the layout of the webpages, you will be able to foster an excellent first impression and the very beginning of a good, working relationship with your potential client.

Point of Contact

In addition to serving as the first impression of the firm, a website will also often act as the first point of contact a client might have with their attorney. After all, the website will list contact information such as the address of the firm’s offices, and potentially an email address or telephone number.

However, many law firms choose to take things a little further. The partners and top associates for each department might have their own profiles on the website that details their areas of specialties. It might also have some information about any of the boards or further qualifications that they might have, and will no doubt prove to be an area of interest for prospective clients. However, these profiles can also contain contact information for the attorneys themselves.

Many clients might prefer to contact their attorney directly instead of trying to go through a receptionist or admin office to have their concerns noted. By having an email address, a telephone number, and possibly even a link to the attorney’s Linked-In profile, a member of the public will be able to properly reach out and contact the attorney they think will be able to help them with their case in the best way.


A law firm will rarely be the only one in a local area. Even if you’re based in a medium-sized city of several thousand inhabitants, there is a strong chance that there will be rival law firms competing against you in several areas. A website is a critical tool that many law firms can use to ensure that they are indeed able to stand out.

Search engine optimization helps a website to rank better on search engines like Google. Therefore, if a prospective client was to Google “law firm near me”, a site that ranks well is going to appear higher up the page of results. Law firm SEO is no different from the SEO that other businesses use, but it does have quirks that need to be addressed by someone who understands the ins and outs of these practices. For example, local SEO can be incredibly crucial for small law firms such as these.

SEO practices can also change reasonably frequently. For maximum benefit, law firms should find SEO specialists who are willing to work with them to improve both their website and their marketing. This could be in the form of a permanent addition to the team, or it could be through outsourcing to an external company. Both options could give you the resources you need.

A Platform and a Voice

A law firm provides more than just legal aid to its local community. It frequently offers a viewpoint on specific issues that might be affecting the wider community and might decide to get involved in some capacity. While they must stay neutral in the eyes of the law, they can still use their knowledge and expertise to comment on specific events and contribute where needed. A firm’s website offers them the perfect platform to do so from, so you need to make sure it’s perfect.

Through the inclusion of a news section and a blog, employees of the firm will be able to post out different opinion pieces and statements that could reflect the broader views of the company. For example, if the firm has just successfully fought a historical case, they may wish to put out a short statement on this page. It is a great move that can help to build and improve the reputation of the firm. It can also help to amplify the voice that they have been given as community leaders.

A Must for Every Firm

No matter whether it is a small office specializing in Family Law or a significant practice with attorneys working across multiple sectors, a law firm in the 21st century needs to have a professional and up-to-date website that can best reflect their practices. The website will often be the first impression of the firm that a client gets, and it must be indicative of the service one can expect from the firm.

Constructing this website correctly is of the utmost importance. More Business Agency can help your firm improve and manage your law firm’s website correctly, so it best meets your needs. If you find that the traffic on your website and your marketing strategies could be better, you should contact More Business Agency today to find out more about how we can help you.

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